Corporate vision: to be a leader in the comprehensive service of commercial real estate in China.
Values: honesty, pragmatism, responsibility, altruism, innovation.
Integrity: to be honest and trustworthy; Every yi jing people insist on being honest and doing things.
Pragmatic: all starting from the solution actual problem, and analyzing the specific problems, develop targeted, practical operability of the solution and implementation in place.
Responsibility: for the tasks and tasks that are accepted, the highest standards are completed. This is the basis of our trust.
Innovation: never content with the present moment, constantly seek the better solution, is the way of our continuous improvement.

Cultural Activities
Manage The Training Of The Service Team
On February 4, 2017, yi LAN home open opened military training in the New Year firecrackers pulled open heavy curtain, in the management of service team training, although time is short, but it was a difficult task, it makes everybody to participate in military training of yi jing put on time, discipline and persistence, team this concept in mind in the heart. To believe that it is only a beginning, it will surely spur all the elites in the management team to devote themselves, fight, and win. In 2017, we will be on the road, yi jingli house has me, fire fire, revitalize the wind and start again, hair hair!
The Brand Business Party
On January 13, 2017, yu jingli's global furniture direct marketing center opened a new brand business gala. Yi jingli family and the brand dealer have been practicing hard to present a wonderful variety of literature and art programs. Through this performance, we have promoted the relationship between the management team and the brand, the brand quotient and the consumer. At the party, yi jingli group and linyi online have established long-term cooperative relations. Believe in the New Year, yi jingli family will go up one floor!
Staff Members Will Answer The Banquet
At the end of 2016, yi Eking group held a banquet in linyi hotel. Over the course of the period, the group made important speeches and awarded prizes to the winning groups and individuals. The dinner was a wonderful interactive game that brought the friendship between company executives and employees through the game. At the same time, the company gave the employees exquisite gifts.
Attend The Meeting In LinYi
On February 23, 2017, 19 of the linyi city grand opening session of the National People's Congress for the first time meeting, the meeting of linyi municipal party committee secretary, director of the linyi city people's congress standing committee Lin Fenghai host, the mayor of linyi city people's government Zhang Shuping to the general assembly for the report. Wan xinli, President of yijingli group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Public Welfare Activities

EKING group practices corporate responsibility to donate to poor students
Rapid development in the enterprise at the same time, Wan Xinli don't forget to return society, active in the social public welfare undertakings, and actively absorb and placement laid-off workers more than 1000, 72 donations out-of-school girls spring bud program, donations to project hope children 53, 5 donor poor college students and actively to country-specific ones district foundation donation hero, went to visit a lonely old man!

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