E-KING INTERNETbusiness major Internet home business as a whole and household electronic commerce business, provide semifinished product house decorate, hardcover room upgrade, reconstruction of old house renovation, integration of household services such as building materials furniture brand package decoration services. To establish a one-stop integrated household O2O business model, combined with Shopping Mall stores development, community service and O2O business operation mode, all-round meet the demand of consumer's household. Business sector to price, design, construction, five advantages of products and services, and customer satisfaction system, let the decoration as simple as shopping, which owns all Internet ready three main modules, home network, network. Adhering to the concept of professional service, each store has four functional sections: building materials center, furniture center, decoration center and accessories center.
  • 2016
    WZ online shopping mall was established and open the era of online soft packaging
  • 2016
    WZ wechat shopping mall have established a new business in the wechat business industry
  • 2015
    Chijia electronic commerce shop is established, linyi area home building materials industry represents the mall
    The most popular store in 2015
  • 2014
    Joined qi jijia network, the qi family net linyi general agent, to the linyi area household building materials industry to inject fresh blood
    an important partner of Qijia network
    Linyi household building materials changers
WZ Mall