business is a group of companies to supply chain logistics, in order to smooth realization related to the economic activities of logistics, coordination production, supply, sales activities and logistics activities, the function of comprehensive management of strategy. Supply chain logistics is the logistics activities as the core, the coordination of supply in the field of production and purchase planning, sales, customer service and order processing in the field of business, and inventory control in the field of finance and other activities.
        Supply chain logistics mode: according to the coordination production, supply, sales activities and the function of the difference of logistics activity, can reduce production enterprise supply chain logistics into three patterns: bulk logistics, order logistics and logistics on time.
  The coordination base of batch logistics is the forecast of customer demand, and all the economic activities of the production enterprises are based on the forecast of customer demand. Under the precondition of forecast, production enterprise's economic activities are batch operations, batch purchasing, batch production and sales volume, it must be accompanied by a batch of logistics.
  The coordination of order logistics is based on the customer's order, and the economic activity of the production enterprise is based on the customer order. Under the precondition of orders, production enterprise's economic activities are built around the order, according to the order purchase and sales, production, and the economic activity generated by the logistics is also according to customer orders. The main performance of order logistics is the two modes, one based on the final customer's orders for the final consumer, such as the dell model. Second, the customer order drive mode, such as haier mode, is the precondition of the customer's order. Haier type logistics is the most characteristic of "first-class three network" logistics system. Order flow, "first-class" is the haier through customer orders for procurement, manufacturing and other activities, haier mainly haier stores and marketing point of customers, channels of haier's customer order driven model of supply chain logistics.
  Just-in-time logistics is a special form of order logistics, which is based on the concept of just-in-time management. On time, logistics can meet the requirement of accurate determination of the process efficiency of the production line, according to the plan of the order, eliminate all inefficient work and waste.