is a leading global international cooperation service provider with over 10 partnerships with companies and government organizations. By understanding our customers' business environment, competitive landscape and strategic and operational objectives, we through "to the trade with production, to the exhibition pin" strategy of international mall and delivering solutions to serve overseas, overseas project. In 2016, yijing international business is closely related to the national "One Belt And One Road", and the One Belt And One Road exchange mall in the world's key regions.
One Belt And One Road trade mall is a commercial transaction, logistics, e-commerce, information communication, multiple functions such as financial services, international trade in one of the very large scale modern comprehensive trade city, will greatly reduce the logistics cost and transaction cost. Will create tens of thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities, tens of thousands of jobs, provide stable tax, to further promote the competitiveness of the economic radiation and, will have a significant role in the economy. The polymerization of various forms of business brings together tens of thousands of people and creates the most influential modern logistics market cluster in linyi. Project will area, warehousing logistics park planning and construction trade market, the industrial park and central business district (CBD), auxiliary facilities for the living area and so on five big functions, marketing, logistics, warehousing, processing, service "five one", the formation of modern integrated trade logistics platform. Project adhering to the "industry city" "to business education city" the development concept of "service social-function centralization, further promote logistics, commodity flow, cash flow, information flow and" four circulations "will be in the area all the way into the characteristics of international trade mall merchandising centre, experience center, trade center, information exchange center. Through One Belt And One Road, the global market is introduced to China, and the logistics advantage of linyi is sold to the market in China. China's products are sold through One Belt And One Road to the countries along the One Belt And One Road, and become an import and export trading platform. Docking cross-border electricity, build international trade B2B, B2C, F2C, O2O electric business platform, to build international trade and cross-border electric business platform, all the way to area trade mall for the fulcrum, realize "services throughout the country, facing the world" strategic pattern.
  • Karachi、
    World-Class Trading Platform

    This is the result of "buy the world, sell the world" the world class big trade, the big circulation integrated trading platform. We will make full use of the overseas positions of linyi to bring about innovative international trade patterns. Form "cross-border e-commerce export platform" + "domestic and foreign physical stores" + "overseas warehouse" development model.
  • Gwadar Port、
    Large Circulation Integrated Trading Platform

    Pakistan (gwadar) China linyi mall is the bridgehead of linyi mall, which is integrated into the "One Belt And One Road" of the china-pakistan economic corridor. Linyi mall, which is located in gwadar, marks a new phase in the internationalization of linyi mall.
  • White industrial park in、
    China's Largest Comprehensive Foreign Industrial Park

    Planning area: 91.5 square kilometers. The state machine group and the board of merchants are mainly responsible for the development, investment and management of the park. Implement white industrial park in a period of 8 square kilometers overall development operations, based scale formation zone, in the long-term, healthy and sustainable development of the park to lay a solid foundation, become the important growth point of economic development in belarus, the silk road take the important economic development fulcrum, white platform that enables the strategic cooperation between the two countries, in silk road economic belt landmark projects.